We appreciate Quality and Style throughout the Decades and we bring it to You!

www.TheThingsYouWear.com is based in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC.  We believe that one’s personal style is his or her character and it is our business to add to this character by carefully selecting quality, timeless items that you would wear whether sewn today or in times past as the demand for vintage products is stronger than ever.  

The common denominator with the boutique as with the local coffee shop is that consumers value and want not only personality, aesthetics and communal value over large storefronts whether they be online or the boutique but consumers are increasingly valuing the authenticity of the "experience."  We are here to provide that and embrace all those who wish to find a little more in their fashion than out-of-reach haute-couture trends.  We provide the element of vintage and timelessness without judgement.  We embrace a full range of high end quality textile not limited to vintage.  We offer new items as well.

We will primarily seek and develop relationships with third-party retail outlets to provide us carefully searched items.

We are all about Quality, Style and You!